Wiesner writes with passion, and book nine of her Incognito series is one of her most passionate to date. It's a story about the power of love and how it can destroy -- and heal. It shows how two individuals can overcome any obstacles and be stronger together. There's also plenty of intrigue to keep you turning the pages.

Thirty years ago, Angelo Pluzetti's family was murdered. Since then, he's devoted himself to the Network, an organization that destroys criminals. His enemies have targeted him once again, and this time, he vows they won't win.

But his one weakness is Dr. Celine Savage. She's loved him for years, but Angelo has kept his distance. Now, to protect her, Angelo takes her to a safe house. Little does Angelo know that he will need Celine's strength to survive. (WHISKEY CREEK, Oct., 326 pp., $14.95)
Reviewed by: 
Barb Anderson