The world of ballet is a grueling one, but Ghislaine Nisbet is determined that she will one day solo at the Paris Opera. Ballet is her passion, but once she achieves her dream she finds she's expected to select a "protector" from the admirers flocking back stage.

Lucien Sachs has nearly fulfilled his duty to Queen Victoria, infiltrating the group of traitors plotting against the French King. He's already proven that Le Tigre, their leader, is also the Marquis de la Valette, the head of the secret police.

When Valette becomes obsessed with the dancer, Lucien schemes a simulated kidnapping so Valette can "rescue" Ghislaine and win her approval. His plan works well, but Lucien finds himself captivated by the innocent dancer and Ghislaine decides to experience love with her dashing highwayman before choosing a protector.

What's meant to be a brief affair marks them both. Ghislaine can't face a loveless union and Lucien can't forget the beautiful girl who could almost make him forget everything, even Le Tigre.

Darkly threatening, richly passionate and hauntingly memorable, DANCE WITH A STRANGER is a powerful romance set against the beautiful and exciting backdrop of the dance world. SENSUAL (Sept., 424 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cindy Royce