The last book in Susan Wiggs' Elizabethan series brings her characters full circle as the dashing Irish patriot and the long lost daughter of a noble English family collide.

When Irishman Aidan, The O Donoghue, Lord of Castleross, meets up with the impish street performer Pippa, he finds himself aiding the delightfully charming urchin in uncovering her puzzling past, despite the complications her presence in his life creates.

As Pippa and Aidan unravel the puzzles of her past, English conspiracies threaten Aidan's freedom. Queen Elizabeth has ordered Aidan's appearance at court, and only Pippa's quick thinking saves him from the Tower after devious traps are sprung.

Once they flee to Ireland, however, Pippa and Aidan find themselves caught in a web of treachery, old secrets and surprising revelations.

In the lively vein of her other novels, Susan Wiggs has created a delightful, humorous and richly detailed story in DANCING ON AIR. Ms. Wiggs' master touch at combining history and romance defines her as a true grand mistress of the genre. SENSUAL (Jan., 400 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin