Image of Dancing With Dalton


Image of Dancing With Dalton
As president-elect of the Hot Pepper, La., chamber of commerce, Dalton Montgomery is expected to step into dear old dad's footsteps. And one of his tasks is to dance the final tango with Miss Hot Pepper. Dalton doesn't know how to dance, but his hope for a crash course and dance instructor Rose Vasquez's idea of learning the tango are two very different things. Dalton's boring life is about to get a whole lot spicier -- in a very good way. Dancing With Dalton (4), by Laura Marie Altom, is a page-turner from the beginning. Dalton is not your typical hero, and Rose is a perfect match for him. Their romance is both sensual and touching, and the use of dance to bring them together is inspired.
Reviewed by: 
Kristi Ahlers