DANCING WITH THE DEVIL will send a wonderful chill down your spinebut then, unfortunately, forgets to warm you up. There is excellent character development, vivid blood and gore, and enough suspense to have you turning on every light in the house. I only wish there was more romance.

Private investigator Nikki James has no idea what shes getting into when she teams up with the mysterious Michael Kelly. As far as shes concerned, she has a job to do and he just might be able to help her with it.

300-year-old vampire Michael Kelly is on his own mission. A centuries-old need for revenge is driving him to kill a monstrous fellow vampire named Jasper, and he believes he can use Nikki and her strong psychic gifts to get the job done. When a menacing danger arises that forces Michael and Nikki to form a psychic bond, they can no longer remain indifferent to each other. (Now available, 248 pp., $12.00)

Reviewed by: 
Christine Chambers