American Gabriel Manning, in England to claim the title of Marquess of Manchester, and Merry Anders, aka Monique Fremon, actress extraordinaire, have no way of knowing that they both have designs to ruin Lord Stanhope when they meet in a gambling hall.

Their paths cross again as each seeks out revenge, and they decide to join forces. The attraction that had been growing since their meeting explodes into passion and love. Maintaining emotional distance to accomplish their vengeance becomes increasingly difficult.

Though not a roller-coaster adventure or a western with a dark and dangerous hero, DANCING WITH A ROGUE is an emotional driven ride by strong characters caught in a deadly, compelling game of deception. Usually Potter's hero takes center stage, but this time she allows Merry to be Gabriel's counterpart, making for a battle of wills with each character on equal footing. Potter continues to craft strong and memorable reads. SENSUAL (Jul., 420 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin