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by Elizabeth Amber

Genre: Erotic Romance, Paranormal, Historical Erotic Romance

2010 Paranormal/Fantasy/Sci-Fi Erotic Romance Award Winner

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Dane will enrapture even the uninitiated into the realm of contradictions and conspiracies where humans, gods and other mystical beings coexist. Amber is truly a maestro of molding historical romance, the supernatural and cascading sexual appetites. Her hero is haunted by personal demons, further compounded when the aura of the matchmaker heroine triggers unrelenting sexual arousal. Fifth in the Lords of Satyr series, Dane is so palpable to the senses that readers will certainly clamor for more.

In late 1800s Europe, Dane Satyr is a tracker of those who defect from ElseWorld. The Sickness, which kills or renders feys (ElseWorld females) infertile, moves the council to command Dane’s marriage to a human.

As a marital broker, Eva Delacorte has arranged such intermarriages. Once a month, however, spells are cast to ensure humans remain unaware of the “Moonful’s” effect on their spouses. Eva’s secret may prove more dangerous than Dane’s demons; she’s a female satyr, the one and only. Nevertheless, neither can deny the craving that compels them to come together. (APHRODISIA, Jun., 256 pp., $14.00)

Reviewed By: Robin R. Pendleton


Published: June 2010

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4.5 Stars

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A Keeper

Submitted by Oliva Love on June 25, 2010 - 2:19am.

I think this might be my favorite of the Satyr Lords yet. The story was filled with secrets, mystery and romance. I could feel the chemistry between Eva and Dane through the whole story.

I liked Eva. She was strong, confident and well centered. A genuinely good person. The orphans she took in and her obvious love for them warmed my heart.

Dane was traumatized early on, causing the split personalities. Armed with just enough information to understand his plight, I am grateful we as readers were not forced to relive his torment in graphic detail. He didn't wallow in self pity or take it out on others. He used his frustrations to push him forward. He never used it as an excuse not to open his heart to love. He made for a very attractive Alpha Male.

If you have read the first trilogy of brothers, this one covers less of the Moonful Calling of the Satyr and delves into other sexual areas as well.