Image of The Danger That Is Damion (A Zodius Novel)


Image of The Danger That Is Damion (A Zodius Novel)

The Zodius series continues with this enjoyable entry packed with intense characters and an intricate plot. Tension mounts as the squad attempts to determine Lara’s true loyalty. The relationship between the protagonists ignites the pages and satisfies emotionally.

Damion Browne knows he shouldn’t be distracted by the woman in the bikini during a mission. As a soldier of the highly-trained GTECH Renegades, he’s aware that his only thoughts should be on the war the Renegades are waging against the Zodius and his current assignment. When that operation fails and the woman is caught in the middle, he and she escape to his apartment, where Damion discovers she’s an unheard-of female GTECH. Lara belongs to an experimental group of women called Serenity who have been genetically altered to destroy the Renegades. She is plagued with headaches only Damion can soothe. When he takes her to the Renegade labs to research her condition, they join the rest of the team and decide to take the offensive. But their arrival is anticipated by the Serenity gang. (SOURCEBOOKS, May, 352 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown