Image of The Danger of Desire


Image of The Danger of Desire

Working from a classic rags-to- riches premise and filling the love story with a well-researched historical backdrop, spunky heroine and sexy hero, should ensure readers a satisfying romance. However the uneven pacing, predictable plot and climax are a disappointment.

Captain Hugh McAlden is on a mission from the admiralty to unmask a traitor when he sees a young woman skillfully picking pockets. He needs someone with a steady hand and Meggs fits the bill. He offers her amnesty if she gets inside the traitor’s home posing as a servant. Despite the fact that she’s a thief, Hugh is fascinated by Meggs. Once they have their target Meggs is able to steal the evidence to bring him to justice, but one traitor is still on the loose. Meggs stays to finish the job, even though her attraction to Hugh is burning out of control. Hugh has his mother tutor her in being a lady and all is well until all hell breaks loose at a Christmas ball when Meggs’ past comes back with a bang. While she is trying to sort out shocking revelations, she is captured by their enemy. Hugh must save Meggs and convince her of his love. (BRAVA, Dec., 395 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager