Kate Richmond is trying to put her painful past behind her by assuming a new identityrather, several identities. As Sara Walsh, she writes and illustrates beautiful picture books, and as H.Q. Victor, the internationally known British mystery and suspense author, she tries to deal with her childhood trauma. Yet the terror is always there, lurking, waiting to devour her resolve.

When Kates cover is jeopardized by a chance meeting with football star Adam Black, she realizes she must face the terror that has stalked her since childhood. But can she risk the limelight in dating a well-known athlete? A psychopath is still at largethe man who kidnapped Kate and her sister and left them to die. The man who killed her sister.

Although a few of the situations are too coincidental, Dee Hendersons romantic suspense is a satisfying read. Shes tweaked the story line just enough to keep the tension taut and the romance springy. (Aug., 352 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Roberta Blair