Texas Ranger Ethan Bodine is determined to clear his brother Rafe's name and nothing will stop him, certainly not horticulturalist-turned-bounty-hunter, Wilhemina Granville.

Wilhemina is desperate for the money bringing in Rafe Bodine would raise. She has to help her aunts save their home, so she heads out to capture the notorious criminal even though the only thing she'd ever hunted was a new species of flower.

When she rushes to his rescue and later when he comes to hers, she just can't ignore the too handsome ranger. Though they may lock horns they both know they will need one another to find Rafe.

Traveling from Texas to Utah (posing as man and wife in a Mormon community brings some interesting problems) and following a lead all the way to California and then to Boston, Ethan and Wilhemina find themselves strange bedfellows, but bedfellows nonetheless.

Attraction and passion grow along with the dangers as they follow Rafe's trail. When jealousy rears its head, Ethan has to face the idea that his care-free lawman's life might just be worth losing for love.

First introduced in Desperate, the Bodine brothers return in another exhilarating adventure by a master of the love and laughter western. DANGEROUS is a delight. Ms. Criswell's charming characters work their way into your heart along with a story that propels you forward with wild adventure and smoldering sensuality. Ms. Criswell delivers excitement, sensuality and a heartwarming novel that wins you over. SENSUAL (Feb., 356 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin