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by Diana Palmer

Genre: Romantic Suspense, General Romantic Suspense
Sensuality: HOT

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A strong mystery intertwines with this romance, which has plenty of emotional ups and downs and includes delightful, intriguing and familiar characters.

Serving as a police officer in Jacobsville, Texas, McKuen Kilraven is due to return to his real job with the FBI. A Christmas gift from shy police dispatcher Winnie Sinclair stirs up sad memories. The murder of his wife and child seven years ago made him resolve to never get close to a woman again. Nevertheless, he can’t help being attracted to Winnie. The attraction complicates a faux marriage they participate in while searching for information that will convict the man who murdered Kilraven’s family. Meanwhile the opening of a cold case exposes some surprising information about Winnie’s mother, who deserted she and her brother a dozen years ago. (HQN, Jun., 320 pp., $24.95)

Reviewed By: Susan Mobley

Publisher: HQN

Published: June 2010

Reader Rating

4 Stars

Average Rating: 4 Stars
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Dangerous - Diana Palmer

Submitted by hcabm on May 28, 2010 - 10:40pm.

Dangerous is an adapt adjective for Kilraven. He is a man on a mission and will let no one stand in his way. He will use anyone who will help him solve a "very personal cold case."
Winnie Sinclair might be the link that will bust the case wide open. Just how far will Kilraven go to get his man and does Winnie have the fortitude to survive the danger that surrounds this case?
Ms. Palmer certainly delivers in this story. We witness the anguish of Kilraven, the seemingly unrequited love of Winnie and the danger and intrigue of the underlying story. Yes, sometimes we are tested by fire but we can find happiness if we open our hearts .
I really enjoyed the secondary characters as they gave the plot more believability. I truly enjoy the connection between the friends and family in Diana Palmer books.
4 stars