Meagan Tippan is being stalked. For her protection, her boss enlists the help of the head of company security, Sam Keller. Meagan resents the power Sam now wields over her life, as well as her growing attraction to him.

Sam senses how ferociously independent Meagan is. He also knows his own desire for her can present difficulties. Still, he is determined to keep her safe, while somehow breaking through her emotional walls. He knows given the chance, they'd be good together. First, however, they must catch her stalker.

The strong heroine is matched with a hero who is wonderfully alpha. Not totally immersed in a heavy plot, what is there is well done. The sex scenes are written with class and gratifyingly hot sensuality, and the suspenseful tension is kept taut. (dl $5.75)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley