Lindsay Randall adds an appealing gothic touch to her diverting new Regency romance.

Why is Lady Veronica Carstairs searching the ruins of Fountains Abbey? Not only has the place been deserted for many years, it is positively perilous. But, there she is, totally oblivious to danger approaching on four feet.

Julian Masters, however, is well aware of the dangers lurking in the crumbling remains. But is the lady one of the enemies who destroyed his family and sent him into hiding? As a pack of wild dogs corners the beautiful young woman, he knows that he must rescue her first and ask questions later.

Although he saves her life, Lady Veronica is not at all inclined to share the details of why she was hunting for a package in such a strange place. After all, the matter is a delicate one involving one of her closest friends. And just who is this mysterious stranger anyway?

Although phrasing is at times awkward and detail logic questionable, Ms. Randall captures the gothic ambiance to send eerie shivers up and down your spine. (Apr., 223 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer