Ten years ago Dorothy Merlinn's father, a powerful mover and shaker in Louisiana business and politics, was assassinated in front of her, and she was wounded in the attack. Even though the shooter was caught and convicted, the hit man never disclosed who hired him. Now Dorothy is back and ready to flush out her father's killer.

Remy Mistral, a popular radio talk show host, is getting ready to jump into politics. When he hears Dorothy has returned, they quickly strike a bargain: She will throw the Merlinn name and fortune behind his campaign and former investigative reporter Remy will help Dorothy discover the truth about her father's killer.

When the hit man is murdered in prison after meeting with Dorothy, she guesses she's getting close. Two more murders prove that this killer is utterly ruthless. Remy and Dorothy have a short list of suspects, but can they find the evidence?

Sinister and twisted individuals make this suspense thriller quite the dark and intense read. Jones cranks up the action and danger, as well as psychological suspense. Nail-biting fun! (Aug., 317 pp., $26.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith