This installment of Barton's Protector series touches the heart and provides a fascinating and intriguing mystery. Though heroine Lausanne's search for her daughter is a minor thread, it's pivotal to the story. Lausanne's self-chastisement wears thin, but seeing her finally realize her self-worth is rewarding.

Lausanne was 17 when she had the baby girl she gave up for adoption. Then, while in her early 20s, she unknowingly became an accomplice to a crime and was sentenced to jail -- no thanks to the man in her life. After spending five years in prison, she knows giving up her daughter was the right thing to do. She's also learned her lesson -- trust no one, especially men.

Now, at 27, Lausanne is free and ready to find her daughter and make sure she's happy. She's also ready to make a new life for herself working for Bedell Inc. When Audrey Bedell, the favored playgirl daughter, goes missing, Lausanne finds herself unwillingly involved with Dom Shea, the private detective sent to find Audrey, and once again knee-deep in trouble. (HQN, Nov., 384 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley