Readers will be completely drawn to Cruz and Sienna. Escalera gives her hero and heroine great personalities — both have eclectic interests and unique backgrounds that bring the story to life. Cruz is immediately attracted to the spicy Latina who needs his help. And Sienna instinctively knows that Cruz, an ex-cop struggling to recover from a tragedy, is someone she can trust with her life and her heart. Sprinkled throughout the story is some very clever banter, plenty of extremely hot love scenes and tons of comic relief from great secondary characters.

Sienna Diaz is having a very bad day. She has lost her job, had her house ransacked and her beloved pet has been stolen. While Sienna is saddened by her material losses, it is her beagle’s disappearance that has her heartbroken. Sienna will do anything to get her dog back, so she hires ex-cop Cruz Santino, who is now the city’s best pet detective. 

Cruz has always been careful to keep his personal and professional lives separate, but Sienna quickly becomes much more than just a client. Soon Cruz and Sienna’s quest to find her missing beagle leads them to a dogfighting ring run by a very dangerous man from Cruz’s previous career. Soon Sienna is racing to save her dog, and help Cruz confront his painful past. (LYRICAL PRESS, July 2011, dl. $5.50)

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Dawn Crowne