King Henry VIII and his son Edward are dead and England is caught between Protestant and Catholic teachings with a fanatical but well-meaning queen on the throne. Few old Protestants are safe and when her family is betrayed by an old "friend," Isabel Thornleigh will do whatever she must to free her father from prison.

Isabel must place her trust in Spaniard Carlos Valverde. The hardened mercenary had come to England hoping to take control of his land, but he is cheated out of his property by a law he does not understand. His distrust of the English is as great as Isabel's wariness of the Spanish.

However, if Isabel is to free her father and save her home and her life she must allow Carlos to help. Their desperate plan to expose the treachery that surrounds her family leads them into a dangerous game of cat and mouse during Bloody Mary's reign of fear.

Barbara Kyle paints a panoramic picture of one of the most turbulent, dangerous and intrigue-filled eras in England's history. Like Anya Seton, she takes you into all the dark corners and frightening prisons in England, mesmerizing you and holding you captive with the heart-pounding adventures of a pair of brave lovers who learn that trust and passion can set men free. SENSUAL (July, 500 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin