Image of Dangerous in Diamonds


Image of Dangerous in Diamonds

Hunter has saved the best for the last installment of The Rarest Blooms. The depth of characterization and intense emotions will enthrall readers and the tight plotting and masterful storytelling will captivate. Brava!

The Duke of Castleford fills his days and nights with drinking and whoring — except for Tuesdays, when he is sober enough to see to his ducal duties. Bored with his lifestyle, he decides to visit four small properties that he has inherited. One houses a flower shop known as The Rarest Blooms and when he spies the beautiful, cool Daphne Joyes, Castleford is fascinated enough to be sober when it’s not Tuesday. Daphne doesn’t need Castleford snooping around her odd household. But he isn’t one to be denied. He lures her to London and then tries to uncover the reason for his distant relative’s bequest. Used to caring for others, Daphne allows herself to be wrapped in diamonds and Castleford’s arms. They soon realize they have an enemy in common and when the past comes crashing down they are strong enough to face their old demons. (JOVE, May, 368 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin