Evelyn Palfreys latest novel, DANGEROUS DILLEMMAS, is a surprise, to say the very least! Based in Texas, it is a love story between two middle-aged characters. Audrey Williams is a strong femaleboth in words and deeds. She supports her husband through law school and survives being a trophy wife. She accepts her new gray hairs as a part of herself just as she accepts her weight problem. Now, after twenty-five years of marriage, children and lost dreams, she finds that she has to start all over again. Her husband is cheating on her with an olderno, Ill let you find out the identity of the other person yourself. It is worth the read just to find that out.

If ever there was an image of an older version of Denzel Washington with a sensuous Barry White voice, Kirk Maxwell is that man. He has found it hard to move on after the death of his wifethat is, until he meets Audrey. The two come together with fireworks and understanding. The obstacle that threatens their burgeoning relationship is simply that the past always seems to intrude.

Too often true-to-life situations are glossed over or entirely overlooked in modern-day contemporaries. I loved DANGEROUS DILEMMAS for the brave new face it puts on the romance scene. Love is not only for the young, beautiful and size six, as made abundantly apparent in Ms. Palfreys latest tale. (Jun., 284 pp., $12.00)

Reviewed by: 
Sharmaine Diana Henry