Image of Dangerous Games


Image of Dangerous Games

Greed, obsession, a legendary diamond and passion lure an inscrutable hero and an independent heroine into a diabolic intrigue that could topple the British Empire in this thriller/romance. Like a black widow spider, Mede lures readers into her darkly seductive, highly sensual story and captures them in her web of words. Not to be missed by those craving a different love story.

Widow of the architect who designed London's fabled Crystal Palace for the 1851 Exhibition, Lilly Clarence Hampton is a pawn in Isambard Bellamy's demonic scheme to overthrow the queen.

Once an agent for the Crown, Julian St. Martin is forced to blackmail Lilly into turning over the plans to the Crystal Palace, where Victoria will accept the fabled diamond, Koh-I-Noor, from Bellamy, who is representing the East India Company. But away from Bellamy's thrall, St. Martin plays a dangerous game of seduction, drawing Lilly into a passionate affair. As Bellamy puts his plan into motion, Lilly wonders if she can trust anyone until she unearths the truth moments before the chilling climax. (BRAVA, Apr., 340 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin