Returning from the nightmare of The Hermits Crusade a broken man, Palmer Freeman is disturbed by nightmares of what he has seen and done in the name of glory. He is greeted by his mother, Nonna, and a wife he has never met.

After the death of her elderly husband, Claire is forced to leave her small son in the hands of her ruthless brother-in-law. She wanders alone until Nonna, an elderly healer, takes her in as an apprentice.

Afraid of losing Claire, Nonna claims that her son, Palmer, has sent a letter agreeing to marry Claire by proxy. Claire agrees, thinking that Palmer will not return.

When he does, she is determined to help him recover. Coming to love him places them in an awkward situation: are they truly man and wife? Love will find a way, but the machinations of the young, would-be king, Henry and a dire murder plot nearly destroy the lovers newfound peace.

Haywood Smith crafts unusual and intriguing romances that weave history and passion together in a remarkable tapestry. Twisting familiar plot lines into new and rich stories filled with memorable characters makes Ms. Smith an impressive and talented writer. Fans will devour DANGEROUS GIFTS. SENSUAL (Mar., 297 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin