Former Wolf Pack member Jess Harper tried to forget his past. His hard won solitude shatters when he reads an obscure notice in the paper. The single sentence is an agreed upon call for help from one of his former partners. Ten years ago, the top secret mercenary team had been carrying out a mission when their leader Ian Russell was captured and killed. Following Ians death, the team broke up. The remaining members Rob Cordero, Lake McGregor and Jess agreed that if any of them ever needed help, the others would come running.

When he arrives at the designated meeting place, Jess learns the cry for help came from Beth Russell, Ians widow and Jess former love. Jamie Russell, Beths 15-year-old son, has disappeared. The police say hes a run away, but Beth knows better; Jamie has been kidnapped. With no ransom demand, Jess has no trail to follow. Jess and Beth have a lot of emotional baggage piled between them.

Jess instincts go on alert when he learns that Rob is in a coma after a car accident. Is Jamie just a pawn? The Wolf Pack made their share of enemies, but perhaps the threat is within.

Awesome Justine Dare leads readers into a dark, dangerous world where the betrayal of honor, trust and friendship can have deadly consequences. Looking for a great summer read? Ms. Dare has just the prescription to get your heart racing and pulse pounding! (Aug., 348 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith