Grant creates a vivid picture of Britain centuries after the Celts and Druids tried to expel the Romans, deftly merging magic and history. The result is a wonderfully dark, delightfully well-written tale. Readers will eagerly await the next Dark Sword book.

As a child Cara was found wandering the woods, her only possession a peculiarly shaped necklace given to her by her mother. The McClures, living in the ancient MacLeod castle, feared that whoever killed her parents might come after them.

The MacLeod brothers, immortal and cursed by some Druids, secretly live in part of the castle. When Cara is caught in a storm, Lucan MacLeod leaves his sanctuary to rescue her. Lucan has fought an internal battle to keep the evil beast inside him under control. By saving Cara he reveals the MacLeod brothers are alive. Far more dangerous is the overwhelming attraction he feels for Cara. Their growing passion pits them against both sides in a war between good and evil. Their love and commitment result in tumultuous events leading to a soaring climax. (ST. MARTIN'S, Jan., 352 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin