A new Muller book is cause for celebration. Reading her latest Sharon McCone novel is an ideal way to spend a lazy summer afternoon.

McCone Investigations is thriving. Julia Rafael, the most recent addition to the staff, was in trouble with the law as a juvenile but has turned her life around and become a solid investigator. Sharon's confidence in Julia suffers a blow, however, when Julia is arrested for grand larceny, and the evidence against her appears ironclad. The case threatens not only Julia's future but also the viability of McCone Investigations.

Sharon won't let her firm be brought down without a fight and a thorough investigation of her own. To save her firm, she must consider all possibilities—including that her trust in Julia may be misplaced.

Muller has created a story that hits Sharon close to home and showcases the qualities that have made her a character readers love and admire. This long-running series continues to be both interesting and entertaining. For Muller's many fans, McCone's world is one we never tire of visiting. (Aug., 290 pp., $25.00)
Reviewed by: 
Jo Peters