For a fast-paced page-turner set in modern-day Hollywood, with a big cast of colorful characters, no one dishes the dirt and spins a yarn quite like Jackie Collins. The next best thing to reading the National Enquirer is reading DANGEROUS KISS.

It doesnt take long for this roman ` clef to deftly disguise Mick Jagger, described as a notorious womanizer with a wife and three kids trying to hold on to him, and as having a small you know what! Theres a bevy of actors and supermodels swinging together. Throw in directors, comics, wild offspring and Euro-trash, and you have quite a picture.

If you dont know Lucky Santangelo, shes brilliant, beautiful and fearless. Shes been happily married for nine years, with three children, and runs a Hollywood studio. In this adventure we also meet up with her part-black half brother, Stephen, his actress wife, Mary Lou, Luckys supermodel god-daughter, and assorted relatives. Then theres the godfather himself, 87-year-old Gino who still has young girls and supermodels hanging on his arm.

Fidelity plays a big part in this novel, believe it or not, which keeps it from being the expected Hollywood bedroom romp. But sex plays a big part in the characters lives; Collins keeps the pace moving by quickly shutting the bedroom door. You have to use your imagination for the countless rolls in the hay she engineers.

Theres also a murder, two suspects who almost get away, and some downright tawdry people, including a famous black comedienne whose son is involved in a murder, his grotesque ex-wife, and his Russian housekeeper paramour.

Will you be moved to tears or feel your pulse race in this book? No. But youll not be able to put it down. And be sure to turn on the TV when its made into a mini-series and sit there pointing your finger at all the recognizable celebrities. (June, 884 pp., $25.00)

Reviewed by: 
Kathryn Falk