When the handsome Mr. Gray offers Deborah Weyman a position as his sister's mentor, Deborah breathes a sigh of relief for now she will be safe from Lord Kendal, the man she believes is a murderer. But she soon discovers Mr. Gray is not what he seems.

Deborah is abducted, threatened and frightened half out of her wits only to find that the kindly Mr. Gray is none other than John Grayson, the Earl of Kendal, and a member of the Foreign Office.

The two soon find themselves involved in deadly intrigue, treason, murder and a race to protect the young lad in their care. Deborah must decide whether Kendal is her nemesis or her savior for she will allow no man the power over her mind, her body or her soul. She must put to rest the demons on her past to find her future.

In DANGEROUS TO KISS Elizabeth Thornton's impeccable skill as a writer gives the reader a smashing, fast-paced historical treat. This is a sure-fire "keeper" of a book! SENSUAL (Apr., 400 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond