This new and delightful novel will satisfy reader of the memorable Dangerous series.

Upon her arrival in London after a stay in France, Lady Letitia Deverills pays a visit to her fathers solicitor to find out about the house she has inherited from Augustus Benthall. There she learns that two of his relatives, Mrs. Lynford and her sister Miss Frome, are entitled to be life-long residents of the house.

Letitia is also excited about serving as maid of honor in waiting to the young Queen Victoria. She will be the only Tory in the queens entourage.

On her first day at court, Letitia meets Mrs. Lynford and Miss Fromes great-nephew Justin, Viscount Raventhorpe and lord in waiting to the queen. The tall and handsome Justin is arrogant to a fault, and Letitia is used to speaking her mind in an age when a woman is taught not to have one. Like sparks to tinder these two are constantly at odds with one another.

But these sparks set off a passion between them, and they will have to put aside their verbal bantering and work together when it is discovered that Justins aunties are using Letitias inheritance as a house of assignation, and to stop the plot to assassinate the queen.

DANGEROUS LADY is a finely honed story rich in historical detail of the early Victorian era. SWEET (Feb., 340 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond