Since her father's death, Felicity Taylor has become the sole source of support for her four young brothers. As Lord X, she writes a newspaper gossip column, but she never imagines the fury of Ian Lennard, Viscount St. Clair when she writes about his questionable past.

Her column threatens his chance at marriage, and it is imperative that he find a wife and produce an heir or he will lose his inheritance. When Ian tracks down this mysterious lord, he discovers Lord X is a woman and a most delectable one at that. When they meet again at a ball, Felicity's assessment of Ian begins to change, even though he is the most infuriating scoundrel she has ever met.

At times warm-hearted and funny, THE DANGEROUS LORD will delight readers and Felicity's brothers are sure to steal your heart. SENSUAL (Mar., 375 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond