Image of Dangerous Lord, Innocent Governess


Image of Dangerous Lord, Innocent Governess

Add gothic overtones to a traditional romance, place the heroine in the middle of a family in crisis and then add just enough sexual tension so that readers get an enjoyable, quick, light read. Though no Daphne du Maurier, Merrill presents a different story with each new novel and readers will be entertained.

When Daphne Collingham learns of her cousin’s death she decides to investigate the circumstances surrounding her fall by posing as a governess to her three children. She knows nothing of children or teaching, but manages to secure the position since their father, Timothy Lord Colton, is desperate for help. The children make life difficult for her and their pranks are annoying, but it is little Sophie’s drawings of her dead mother that are the most disturbing. What happened, why will no one speak of her death and what secrets does the family hide? Digging into the mystery, Daphne begins to fall for Timothy and truly enjoy the children. But her secret could destroy her newfound love and the children’s trust. (HARLEQUIN, Jul., 300 pp., $6.25)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin