There's good reason why Small is a "queen of historical romance." She knows how to create a historical romance at
its best: a breathtaking, sweeping story about extraordinary, passionate characters who live in tempestuous historical eras. She deftly portrays every detail so you feel you are there. Allow yourself to be embraced by a story you can savor time and again.

Orphaned during the War of the Roses, 6-year-old Adair Radcliffe is sent to her natural father, King Edward, to be raised at court. At 16 she is bartered off to a Tudor who dies before their marriage even begins. Shortly afterwards Adair weds charming Andrew Lynbridge, who dies at Market Bosworth, making Adair a traitor in the eyes of the recently crowned King Henry.

Adair's station in life reaches a new low, and as if things can't get any worse, she's captured and sold to Conall Bruce. Conall wants a housekeeper and bedmate, but gets a woman equal to him in every way. Adair is stubborn and willing to fight for her right to love Conall and be his wife -- even as a political maelstrom swirls around them. (NAL, Oct., 406 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin