The death of Richard Bartlow was written about far and wide. Reporters from all over wanted to cover the funeral of the infamous businessman, and to see the three women he'd shared his life with.

Mary Grace Whittaker Bartlow had married Richard when he was nothing but a young man with big dreams. With her family's connections and his business smarts he grew powerful...and bored with his wife and children.

Alicia Carrel grew up in a white trash family but knew that life held much more for her. She'd begun to make a place for herself when she met a middle-aged Richard. While he was struggling to get his life back on course, she took care of him. When he got there, he left her.

Michelle Windsong, at twenty-five, met Richard who was almost fifty. She wanted to teach him about nature, meditation and healings. Richard wanted sex.

Now his death will tie the three together as relationships are explored.

Catherine Lanigan tells an interesting story with vivid characterizations that will make you cheer and cry. (Aug., 416 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson