Image of Dangerous Master (Masters of Desire, Book 3)


Image of Dangerous Master (Masters of Desire, Book 3)

The scorching hot third book in Taylor’s Masters of Desire series is a heady mix of BDSM and thriller combined with the dark world of vampires. The storyline is compelling, but the ending is somewhat unbelievable. There are same-sex couplings and a ménage.

Private investigator Amanda is tracking a cheating husband, who leads her to a BDSM dungeon where she meets dom Zane. Although she is not into that lifestyle, he has a mesmerizing effect on her senses. Caught with her camera, Mandy is forced into a scene with him and the man she is chasing. Zane has never been possessive of a woman in the past, but he wants no other man to touch her. He’s only been attached to his male feeding partner and longtime lover. But Zane wines and dines Mandy and interferes with her sleuthing. He’s afraid to confess his true nature until attempts are made on her life. (APHRODISIA, Nov., 256 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown