Jena Doe is suffering from a bad case of amnesia after being mugged on the streets of Miami. Fortunately for her, Emma Leyden was available to help. With no clue as to her real identity, Jena accepts Emma's offer to come live with her until she can get on her feet. What Jena didn't expect was Emma's son, Lucas.

Lucas Leyden is hip to Jena's game plan and won't stand for it. He won't idly stand by and watch anyone take advantage of his mother's kindness. Jena is definitely not all that she appears to be, and he doesn't believe her claim of amnesia either.

Positive there is a story behind her attack, Jena slowly tries to piece together what used to be her life. But Lucas's accusatory stance is not helping. About the only thing that Jena and Lucas both have in common is a blazing attraction for one another that they'd much rather keep under wraps. Yet the fire of passion can only be contained for so long.

DANGEROUS MEMORIES has all the necessary ingredients that makes for an enjoyable read: suspense, humor and good chemistry among the characters. My only complaint is its rather slow beginning. It builds steam midway through, but unfortunately some readers' interest may have already been lost. However, the suspenseful atmosphere more than makes up for this. (Nov., 256 pp., $6.99))

Reviewed by: 
T.L. Burton