Cassidy James is on a date, but she longs for the moment when she will finally be able to go home. Her inner voice warned her not to date this guy, but would she listen? No. When the date goes south and Brian turns rough, she manages to escape -- or so she thinks.

FBI profiler Zach is after a serial killer known as The Reaper, who uses his psychic powers to kill. The Reaper has his sights set on his next victim, Cassidy, and Zach is not prepared for what happens after her date with the killer. And he's really not prepared for the attraction that explodes between Cassidy and himself. Will Zach be able to keep his soul mate alive while he catches a killer, or will The Reaper reap more then Zach ever thought possible?

Gerow has penned a page-turner, to be sure. Even though the reader knows who the bad guy is, the author keeps the suspense and tension tight. The chemistry between Zach and Cassidy is top-drawer and very compelling. (dl $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kristi Ahlers