Determined to find out who murdered her brother, Elissa Tauber masquerades as a widowed countess. Her brother's last letter lists three men; one spies for Napoleon in Vienna.

With only her beauty, wit and intelligence as her weapons, Elissa sweeps through the Austrian court searching for the traitor. While seeking answers to his identity, she crosses paths with Lord Wolvermont, Colonel Adrian Kingsland.

Convinced she is not who she claims to be, Adrian is intent upon exposing Elissa, perhaps as the spy he suspects is in their midst. Suave, assured and handsome as sin, Adrian sets about seducing the Countess, unaware that the innocent Elissa is willing to do anything to unmask the spy her brother called the "Falcon".

Plunging herself into a dangerous gambit, offering to barter herself for information from lecherous officers, Elissa soon finds herself in Adrian's arms. Unwilling and unable to resist the sensual pull between them, Elissa fears she is falling in love with the man who may be her brother's killer.

Kat Martin weaves a tale as compelling as any she has written. This novel is un-put-downable-a non-stop read filled with excitement, tempestuous passions, betrayal, mystery and everything romance readers have come to expect from a top-notch writer. SENSUAL (Feb., 358 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin