It's back to Puffin Harbor for the second Foster sister to get her romantic comeuppance. One thing that Chapman does so deftly is meld great characterization, sparkling humor and spicy adventure
into a perfect blend. This is rip-roaring good fun!

When an old friend contacts Willow Foster clandestinely regarding a problem with local lobsters, the assistant attorney general decides to investigate, even if it puts her back in contact with her romantic nemesis Duncan Ross.

Everyone in town knows that Duncan has set his sights on Willow, and there's even a betting pool on the outcome. But Willow has serious commitment issues and is leading Duncan on a merry chase. Events take on an ominous air when Willow realizes that someone has been dumping toxic substances near Thunder Island.

Discovering who's doing this and stopping them becomes a priority, but Willow is up against more than she knows. Whether she likes it or not, Duncan is getting involved—he's not about to let anyone threaten his future bride.

(May, 368 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith