Theres no place like home, but Dr. Marah Morgan isnt in Kansas anymore. Her home was anything but sweet with Big Ed Morgan, and when she left she thought it would be for good. But her father needs her now. And if Big Ed Morgan has done nothing else, hes instilled in her a sense of commitment and responsibility that has made her a top-notch pediatrician.

Marah returns to face her unsettled past, but things become even more confusing as government agents search for an Indian burial ground on her fathers farm, and she gets the uncanny feeling that theres more to her fathers hired hand, Judd Hunter, than he lets on.

Judd Hunter has worn a mask of one kind or another for most of his lifehis job demanded it. Marah has unnerved him, stirring feelings he has refused to acknowledge. But he has a job to doone that is not only dangerous, but deadly. Healing blossoms in A Dangerous Silence, as secrets from the past are unearthed and reconciliation sown. Catherine Palmer has woven a page-turner with a fragile thread of romance, making the thrill all the more tingly. (Mar., 300 pp., $11.99)

Reviewed by: 
Roberta Blair