Image of Dangerous As Sin


Image of Dangerous As Sin

Showcasing her imagination and fresh take on the genre, Rickloff blends paranormal elements with steamy romance as the magical realm of the Others
collides with the real world. With its well-drawn characters embarking on
a journey of passion and danger, Rickloff's latest will enthrall readers.

As an assassin for the Crown, Cam Sinclair has seen his share of dangerous missions, but he's horrified when he uncovers a group of powerful and evil beings set to take over the world.

He is partnered with Morgan Bligh, a member of the elite Others who has sharpened her skills so she can unmask a traitor and keep both worlds safe. She and Cam met years before, when he betrayed her trust and love. Morgan will work with him, but she vows never to trust him again. Cam has never forgotten Morgan and the pain he caused. Even as they face a horrible evil, he's determined to win her heart and destroy the treachery that threatens them. (ZEBRA, Jul., 380 pp., $4.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin