Toland has effortlessly spun this awesome addition to the Dangerous Affairs series. She writes with such conviction, her timing is perfect and she knows exactly when to drop bombs on readers. The heroes are real, raw and may even teach us a thing or two about the underground sex world we don't normally hear about. One low point is that it took quite some time to get to the hazardous assignment that's highlighted, but one won't complain as they're kept constantly entertained.

The Serious Organized Crime Agency turns to two very different men to take on an undercover weapon operation that poses a threat to all of Europe. When British agent Drake Steele is spotted at an upscale BDSM club in London, the assistant director of SOCA nominates him to go on a clandestine mission to Prague posing as a duke's Dom son. Computer hacker-turned-international spy Lord Robinson "Robbie" Covington is a little too eager to join Drake on the risky assignment because he's secretly interested in being a submissive. Drake must find a way to keep aristocrat Robbie safe and complete the dangerous task at hand, in addition to keeping his attraction at bay for the red-headed royal. Robbie ensnared Drake the moment he walked into his life, but when they must attend an all-male BDSM party, Drake's going to have trouble resisting Robbie — especially when the other men find him delectable too. (LOOSE ID, Apr., 210pp., $6.99)

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Jaime A. Geraldi