Twins separated at birth grew up to be very different men. When businessman Nathan Wolfe visits attorney Jake Connor, and asks Jake to stand in for him, Jake knows it's a bad idea. But a desire for family ties convinces him to take the cross-Atlantic flight in his brother's place.

A plane crash leaves Jake with no memory and no ability to dispute that he's Nathan, even to Nathan's wife Caitlin, who wants a divorce. This new Nathan has her bewildered.

As Jake begins to regain his memory, Nathan tries to discover where his plans went wrong, and Caitlin tries to make sense of her confusing feelings. The story switches between the U.S. and England as the mystery unravels.

Ms. Mather has penned a wonderful romance, but her premise is tough to buy into, and there are some plot holes readers will be unable to overlook. (Feb. 384 pp. $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson