Usually, Dr. Libby Drake can use her extraordinary healing gift without doing damage to herself or her magical sisters. But when brilliant biochemist Ty Derrick is brought in suffering from massive head trauma, Libby nearly kills herself saving him.

Ty is a man of science and facts. His abrasive manner and lack of social skills hide a caring heart that is usually overruled by his head. Ty doesn't believe in magic and refuses to accept that Libby and her sisters have unique talents. When a second accident occurs while Libby and Ty are together, both suspect that someone is trying to kill them. But is Libby or Ty the true target? The magical Drake sisters can feel a malevolent force gathering its strength. Uncovering its origin and stopping it, however, will not be easy.

The bonds of sisterhood and magic continue to be lovingly explored in the powerful Drake Sisters series. One of Feehan's favorite subjects is the complex emotions that bind individuals together. Not only does her latest delve into that and resonate with passion, it's also rich with enchantment and spiced with danger. Pure magic! (Jul., 368 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith