Victoria Mason, modern bounty hunter, needs to get her man. Becket, a psychotic murderer preying on women, just killed her partner. Mason follows the wounded killer's trail into a waterfall and comes out to a different world.

She has slipped into another century, but time will not deter Mason from her mission. A mistress of disguise, she goes into town dressed as a rough and tumble man and immediately gets arrested by Christopher Arrow aka Swift Arrow, the half-Cheyenne marshall. Christopher is an extraordinary man, but although accepted as a lawman, he is not allowed into society because of his Indian heritage.

Victoria has no way to describe her experience so she keeps everything to herself. Loaded with disguises, she plans to blend into town life to track down the killer. Chris is perplexed by her strange ways but fascinated by her knowledge of tracking down criminals.

Victoria must capture Becket and bring him back to the present, and falling in love with the marshall can only lead to heartbreak. Keeping secrets from Chris becomes increasingly harder.

Ms. Fetzer's prose is extraordinary. The pleasure of just reading her lines is an added bonus to her original storyline. Her well-rounded characters draw the reader straight into the incredible sadness, humor and joy of the book. The readers will forget that this is fiction and never want the book to end. Her love scenes are sensual, toe-curling and so romantic you want to be these characters. (Dec., 350 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cyndie Dennis-Gree