Image of Daniel's Gift


Image of Daniel's Gift

Author Barbara Freethy (AKA Kristina Logan) expands her talents and brings a tender poignancy into mainstream fiction with DANIEL'S GIFT, her eloquent tale of individuals who nearly learn too late what really matters in life. Sure to tug on the heartstrings!

Twelve years ago, Jenny St. Claire made a decision that would forever change her life. Young and in love with Luke Sheridan, Jenny became pregnant and soon discovered that Luke was not prepared to be a father. However, instead of having an abortion as Luke assumed, Jenny kept her baby.

At age twelve, Danny St. Claire is starting to have more and more questions about his father and takes matters into his own hands. Unfortunately, before he can confront his father, Danny is critically injured by a drunk driver. Trapped in a coma, the boy discovers that his soul is free to wander. With the help of his Guardian Angel, Jacob, Danny attempts to bring his parents back together.

Trapped in a destructive marriage, Luke realizes all that he has lost when he encounters Jenny once again. The thought that he may never know his son is tearing him apart. There are many obstacles, both physical and emotional, but maybe, with a little help from Danny, maybe Jenny and Luke can be reunited. But if Danny does not survive, can their love? (Mar., 400 pp. $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith