Daphne Hightower is the reclusive, beautiful granddaughter of the Earl of Stanford. She has lived in his care for 10 years, avoiding the glare of Society's scrutiny because of a shocking incident in her youth. Lord Alexander Heathercott, son of the Duke of Wexley, is famous for his predilection for the most beautiful of women.

When this mysterious beauty presents him with a vision of his ideal woman, he vows nothing will prevent him from making her his own. These two are the strangest mix of absurdity and credibility. This reader has seldom read a story with two such well-drawn, likeable, fully realized characters who manage to be ridiculously unable to move their story along.

Patricia Oliver is a frustratingly talented author whose work, in this instance, leaves one entirely convinced that her lovers will never get it right—until finally they do. (Jul., 234 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Teresa Roebuck