Only a true friend would agree to Mindy's harebrained caper. Alyssa Preston poses as Bambi, a stripper at a bachelor party, to make sure the groom behaves. Groom Tom is a perfect gentleman all evening, but it is the host, Cooper Sinclair, who gets Alyssa's blood pounding. After an incredible night together, Alyssa flees back to San Francisco.

Wealthy computer entrepreneur Cooper hasn't had a serious romantic engagement in way too long. That one night with "Bambi" rekindles a host of emotions he wants to explore further. While tracking her down, he discovers she's actually a Nob Hill heiress. Learning of Alyssa and her grandfather's upcoming charity ball for animals, Cooper obtains a ticket. He doesn't expect to walk away from the event the proud new owner of a parrot, a pig and a small fluffy dog. Cooper has certainly gotten Alyssa's attention!

Fan favorite Minger outdoes herself with this joyous, funny and warmhearted tale. Filled with engaging people—and animals—THE DARE is the perfect way to kick back and relax. (Oct., 320 pp., ($6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith