Sentient super-computer Dora has been instrumental in helping the people of Rystan relocate to their new home planet. During an exploration of a curious labyrinth on the new planet, warrior-pilot Zical accidentally sets in motion the summoning of ancient machines, Sentinels, which have protected the galaxy for eons. Somehow, Zical and his crew must now find a way to intercept the Sentinels and return them before an enemy returns.

Zical will have an unexpected crew member on this quest—Dora has finally achieved her goal of becoming human by transferring her consciousness into a human body. This is what she's always wanted, and she has no doubts that she wants Zical to introduce her to the wonders of human sensuality. But that will have to take a back seat to saving their world and their lives.

The unsinkable Dora is back, and it's her time to shine in this sexy, action-packed sequel to The Challenge. A desperate gamble leads to high-voltage action and sensuality in Kearney's newest page-turner, filled with deft characters that instantly invest readers in the perilous quest. (Jul., 368 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith