Image of Dare to Believe (Grey Court)


Image of Dare to Believe (Grey Court)

The first book in the new Gray Court series is fresh and fun, an escapist fantasy. It’s an entertaining romp with faeries, elves and other magical creatures. There’s plenty of drama, humor and witty dialogue, as well as explicit sex scenes.

CEO Leo Dunne found his soul mate working at his own company. Ruby Halloway is attracted to him but she’s shy and can’t believe he’s interested. She manages to avoid him until he conspires with her best friend at the company masquerade and Ruby ends up in Leo’s bed. After a passionate night, he’s called home for a family emergency: his brother is missing. He takes Ruby with him and is forced to reveal his secret, he’s a fae elf. Now all he has to do is hope she’ll accept him, keep her safe and find his brother. (SAMHAIN, May, 200 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Gail Pruszkowski