On the heels of a major breakup, feisty fashion buyer Lexie Thompson is in no mood to go on the blind date her best friend arranged. After much coercing, however, she gives in, and the night ends up a total flop. It isn't that Lexie's not attracted to the sexy entrepreneur Will Kennedy. The nightclub owner put the "h" in hot, but his hostile attitude toward the fashion industry leaves Lexie exasperated.

When she needs a venue for a fashion show, however, she turns to Will. Never one to miss a lucrative opportunity, Will agrees to host the event, but only if personal and professional matters are conducted on his terms. For the first time, Lexie finds herself not in control.

The sexy and at times comical banter between Will and Lexie makes Dare to Love move fast and flow smoothly. Characters that are polar opposites engage in a battle of wills that makes readers eager to see how this sequel to One Magic Moment unfolds. Will's alpha-male persona and Lexie's independence are creatively balanced. And secondary plots add further interest and depth. St. John breaks the monotony of traditional romance with this unique novel. (Jul., 320 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
T.L. Burton