Image of Dare Me


Image of Dare Me

Suburban noir reaches new heights in Abbott’s latest dark, Shakespearean tale. This time the mistress of twist tackles cheerleaders, and you won’t ever look at them in the same way again! Occasionally the teens in this tale sound too jaded and world-weary to be real, but the themes that Abbott explores — betrayal, fate, human frailty, female friendships — are bad and beautiful, just like the cheer squad protagonists.

Best friends Beth Cassidy and Addy Hanlon rule the high school cheer squad: Beth is the captain and Addy her faithful lieutenant. But when a new coach comes in, she disrupts the pecking order and causes a split between the two friends. As Beth struggles to maintain top-girl status, the married coach begins an affair, and the girls are dragged into the messy world of adults and adultery. A suspicious death and a police investigation throw Addy and Beth into ever-deeper and murkier waters. (REAGAN ARTHUR, Aug. 304 pp., $24.99)
Reviewed by: 
Liz French